Dropping Statements like Bombs

Fashion involves much more than merely dressing in the latest trends. In actuality, individuals have always used clothing to express their individuality and make style statements.

Making a stylish statement is trickier than it seems as more often than not the looks are more disastrous than divine.

Who determines your personal fashion statement? Of course, you! Decide on your own fashion statement, then! Every single one of us has our own preferences, dislikes, comfort zones, body types, and lifestyles. Picking up your favourite fashion magazine is a great way to acquire some fantastic ideas. But remember, without your authenticity, the outfit is bound to seem incomplete! 

So pick up a copy of Harper's Bazaar or Elle, or another prominent fashion publication. Take a look at it. Take what you want, use it, and discard the rest. The most important thing is that you feel "happy" about the way you seem. Your confidence soars, you become brighter, and your energy and enthusiasm spreads to those around you when you feel satisfied with how you appear.

  • On occasion, you might like to guarantee that your entire ensemble looks good. You choose complementary colours that improve your overall appearance since you don't want to wear clashing hues that make it appear as though you dressed in the dark. All of that sounds fine and dandy, but making a statement takes more than that. Explore different patterns, styles, prints, textures and add all the elements you liked to your moodboard and voilà, you know exactly what you want yet you aren't playing safe anymore! Look for fresh perspectives that could make a major statement since the more you offer, the greater your potential.


  • Finding the right balance with your clothing is key to adding a little glitz here and there. Don't drown in jewels but a little shine never harms. ;). Consider carefully what you want to communicate and which accessories will make that evident to everyone around you. Choosing the appropriate accessories decides the fate of your outfit. 

  • If you want to stand out and make a statement, there are other factors to consider besides your clothing. Another important aspect of expressing who you are is how you're put together. Although it's true that your first impression is decided by your footwear, most supervisors, coworkers, or clients won't spend the entire day examining your feet. When chatting face-to-face, they will want to make eye contact, so make sure you look the part and are impressive.


  • Confidence. Is. The. Showstopper. I've said this enough and will say a handful times more- without the spark in your eyes, an outfit isn't more than a sham. To look beautiful and bold, you have to feel that way. Choose clothes which make you feel like a queen on a throne, before you actually set out to rule! 

Choose your aesthetic. Don't defy your persona while doing that - because the plan isn't to look like a fictional character, the plan is to look the best version of yourself. ❤️