How to Style a Midi Dress in Summer?

Every year, when the weather heats every girl asks herself, how she is going to style a midi dress in summer?  We understand it's a common dilemma that every girl faces as you all ask how to create easy and quick outfits from your cotton midi dress so you have variety every time you put them together. Although you have different types of casual cotton midi dress like florals or elegant styles in your wardrobe you still need the midi summer dress style guide. Well according to the experts the best way to style a midi dress in summer is to pair it with accessories that match the style of the dress. Although it's just the basic thing to learn about, let us have a look at better ways to style a midi dress in summer.

Match Neutral Toned Midi Dress With Rustic Bag

We believe that a white cotton midi dress is a summer essential because it's elegant, timeless and casual enough to slip on without much thought in the mornings. And it's also easy to style light colored midi dresses to get an effortlessly elegant look. Pair it with a rattan handbag for a rustic twist or in the afternoon you can cover it up with a knitted cardigan as well. The light colour midi dresses also look great with brown leather sandals for a pop of natural looking detailing.

Pair Your Midi Dresses With all Black Accessories for a Trendy Look

Matching your midi dress with all black accessories is an easy way to tie an outfit together and add detail to sometimes quite a simple silhouette. For instance, you can style your floral casual cotton midi dress with your black chunky belt or with a gold buckle with black slip on sandals. Adding all black accessories may sound odd but trust us because it creates a trendy finish to the dress. Breaking up the midi dress with a belt is an easy trick to cinch your waist and add a feminine flare to the outfit.

Wear Floral Midi Dresses With a Hat and Heels

In order to elevate your floral midi dresses you can accessorise it with brown objects like heels, mules, sandals and a hat or brown to tie the outfit together. Since the colour is warm and natural, adding brown accessories gives your midi dress a summery vibe. Whilst being both feminine and a statement piece the brown heel is a timeless classic for a reason.


These are the top ways to style your midi dress in summer. We are sure these tips will help you get the best styles with your midi dress in the upcoming summer.