Jumpsuits vs Playsuits

I've already mentioned innumerable times that jumpsuit collections are the absolute best invention in the history of fashion. What I must add to that statement in this dialogue is when I say jumpsuits, I don't stop counting on playsuits. Because tell me, what's not to like?


If there was no such thing as too insane, I'd only wear those all throughout my life and I stand by the statement. What little difficulty it is to pee when in this silhouette can be managed because if we can manage without a single pocket, this is a cakewalk.


And here, the final question arrives.


Which one amongst these two is the winner, if you were to buy dresses online?


While both have its flaws, they also have great features which makes it all the more difficult to decide but nevertheless we're going to try and draw a verbal graph.


Let's begin with versatility.

How versatile is a romper?


I'd say 8/10.


They can be worn to casual hangouts, brunches and with the right accessories, to the first date. It's the perfect fit to go on a shopping spree or while running errands. By the looks of it, we can conclude that rompers are pretty practical as well as versatile. Maybe a stretch but with a blazer and also a gorgeous belt, you could turn a classic romper into a chic party wear.


And Jumpsuit collections. Huh. It's difficult but I'd give it an 8.5.

The extra 0.5 is only because of the different silhouettes available, some have a dhoti like bottom, some go the extra mile and add a cape, some have the most beautiful designs and cutouts- which makes jumpsuits great for a formal meeting and also a bachelorette party. A jumpsuit, when chosen rightly according to the occasion, will never do you wrong and no matter how much you hate it, your phone will be flooded with DMs.


Second comes comfort.


Although a tad difficult to take off, both can be undeniably comfortable.


Cotton dresses are a girl's best friend every summer and not only those, backless satin jumpsuits can be just as comfortable as they are gorgeous. Overall, I'd give jumpsuits a 7 for comfort. On the other hand, playsuits deserve to take a 9 home. Anything that doesn't bother my legs or itches them is a huge turn off because when I don one of those the only thing running on my mind is when I do get home, lock all doors and take that darned outfit off! So, playsuits are highly recommendable if you're a sucker for comfort and the casual chic theme it has going on.

     Keeping in mind all the pros and cons, I'd still like to give jumpsuit collections the headway because of their ability to shift from a 2 pm work call to a 2 am girls night out.