Monsoon Clothing Guide!

Welcome to the year's most poetic season: monsoon! It's a wonderful time to sit by our windows and enjoy the wind, sip on filtered coffee, or simply enjoy reading!

The unpredictability of the weather, on the other hand, brings with it a slew of undesirable situations, like humidity, annoyance, getting stuck in traffic congestion owing to water logging, getting soaked, and going home with filth on your favorite white satin shirt.

It's the rainy season, and women need to be cautious about a lot of things these days. Especially when it comes to apparel. During the rainy season, everyone is considering what to wear. We are troubled by tight and heavy clothing and actually prefer to wear baggy clothes. However, you should choose certain clothes that do not make your fashion go out of style.

It's difficult to find the proper thing to put on, on a rainy day as the things to keep in mind are never ending, such as the fabric and how to stay dry without sacrificing style. The good news is that dressing on a wet day is not as difficult as it appears.


To look amazing in the damp and gloomy weather, you'll need appropriate clothing. Allowing the wetness in the air to damper your mood is not an option.

So, here are some tips:


  • Cotton: You know who’s a savior in puddles in July? Cotton! What matters the most during the monsoon is the fabric you use.  In the monsoon, cotton, denim, linen, and chiffon are the most popular fabrics, cotton being the most practical. These textiles are both fashionable and functional in combating the rain gods. You'll thank yourself for wearing them because they dry quickly. Simply go for it.

  • Mind the Length: We adore maxi dresses, but they are simply not practical during the wet season. The flowing cloth can be overly lengthy at times, causing it to dangle in the water. Furthermore, because they are a lengthier option, they have the potential to become quite warm, which we want to avoid at all costs! Opting for a cotton midi-dress would be the right choice.

  • Colours: For the time being, say goodbye to pastels and whites. Darker colours, such as dark blues, browns, and greys, are in style now. Darker  tones hide mud stains better, which is a common problem for women when it comes to monsoon attire. Simultaneously, neon-colored layers and accessories could be used to balance the effect.


As a result, all the women out there can quit obsessing about the weather and their clothes getting ruined. It will enhance your natural beauty. Stay dry and smart this monsoon.