Pride is just around the corner!


The LGBTQ+ community has made striking progress over the years, and it’s true that they’ve a long way to go. But with Pride around the corner, we thought of celebrating it our way.

A lot of us are only aware of the words "pride" and “LGBTQ+ community” and hardly know anything more.

So let’s get talking!


What is pride?

Supporting LGBTQIA+ people's rights, self-affirmation, and presence by providing a community and a safe space for them to be themselves is what Pride stands for. Brenda Howard, the leader of the very first LGBTQ Pride March in the aftermath of the Stonewall Inn violence in 1969, came up with the term "pride" in this sense. The rebellion sparked the formation of organizations like the Gay Liberation Front and the Gay Activists Alliance, which were modelled after the civil rights and women's rights movements, respectively. To hold political leaders accountable, members staged protests, interacted with them, and disrupted public meetings. The first Gay Pride marches were staged a year after the Stonewall riots.

The Stonewall Inn, which is still a popular nightclub, was named a national monument in 2016.

 The month of June is globally celebrated as "pride month," wherein celebrations typically include a string of parades featuring musical acts, songs, vibrant apparel, and a plethora of rainbow flags.


Another essential question we come across every year is “I’m not queer. Can I participate?”

Yes! Of course. Pride is all about inclusivity, and it heartily welcomes allies from outside the community.

So, are you going to the parade this year? Because I surely am!


Now, let's get to the fun part.

Every year, we see hundreds of icons dressed up as divas for the parade, keeping in mind the theme. We have also witnessed esteemed fashion labels like Versace and Gucci introduce pride-themed apparel and gender-neutral clothing.

So, here are a few top picks for you to choose from, to wear to pride parades this year: