Prints of Jisora.

What is life without a little lipstick stain on a coffee mug? While we focus on keeping things neat, and cutting-edge, there's a major part of each of us which embraces clumsiness, imperfections and maybe even a little stain from the pizza you were devouring in your pyjamas. As much as there is need for order and system, there's also a void that can only be filled with chaos. Don't relate? Let me help. Remember the sudden weekend trip you took with your friends which took only an hour's planning and packing? Remember the evening you had no plans except to drown in boredom and at 7:29 pm, an old friend asked if you were up for a coffee? Remember the day you lost money, had a terrible day at work but when you got back home your fiance had turned on your favourite slow music and cooked a simple meal for you? It's always the little things, the crazy imperfections, the dots along the lines that make an impression on our hearts and our lives.

Like our lives, even clothes would get boring if they were all solid coloured. The world would look like a school and all citizens, students. And like I always say, fashion helps us represent our persona and if not so, at least our moods. What I'd give the next mention is: prints. Prints, be they graphic, classic or conversational are always fun and interesting to choose from. We love ourselves a floral lehenga on our sister's mehndi and maybe an embroidered collar on a crisp white shirt while heading towards an investor's meeting. Prints have in them the potential to make huge differences in the smallest ways possible. Imagine a solid red shirt paired with denims - it speaks of boldness. Add a few red roses to the shirt, it's romantic, add a few cats to the shirt, it's funky, add a text in caps on the back of the shirt, it's rebellious. So much difference in such little variation.

Jisora brings to her customers the widest range of prints, both unique and popular. Both ethnic and Y2K. Let's check out a few of them:


  • Paisley: A very popular print worn by millenials and gen-z. Reeks of liberty and comfort. 

  • Wildflowers: Dainty. Feminine. Graceful. Takes you back to the times of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn! 

  • Shibori: Classic in essence yet amazingly preferred by the youngsters. 

  • Jharokha: Royalty in its true essence. 

  • Geometric: Abstract. Modern. Edgy. What more does a girlboss need?