Styling the staple white tank top!


Our lives depend on a white tank top every summer, and rightfully so. There doesn't come a day when you don't frown upon smocked tops, tight skirts, and sequins during summer, because, let's face it, breathing comes before beauty!

Tropical summers demand a lot of white and pastel colors, sherbets, and hours of standing in front of the refrigerator.

But there still remains the side of Sarah Jessica Parker in us who wants to be at ease, at ease yet look stunning.

And this is where all the confusion hits! You put on a gorgeous top with a skirt and it makes you sweat like a pig in less than 3 minutes. You put on a casual t-shirt and shorts, and you immediately remember that's what you wore the last time you went out. And it finally occurs to you if there's a way to look stylish without putting your sweat glands at stake!

This is where we come in and save the day!

Every woman owns a white tank top. So, let us give you a few ideas about how to style it:

  • Pair your casual white tank top and denims with printed robes from the house of Jisora. This trend has been on the market for quite some time and very many fashion bloggers are known to love it because of the bohemian vibe it sends off.
  •  Co-ord sets have become increasingly popular in recent times, so we’ve come up with an idea- take out the camisole of a three piece co-ord set and instead, put a white tank on with the same set of shrug and shorts/pants. Choose vibrant prints and a bright hue to bring out the white inside. Adding a pair of white sneakers will work wonders for this outfit.
  • Although mini skirts have their own increasing fame, breezy maxi skirts are being globally appreciated too. From Vogue to Balenciaga, maxi skirts are being talked about literally everywhere. So, pair your white tank with a breezy floral skirt; even better if the skirt features a slit and some ruffles.


Of course, there are a multitude of ways to style a tank top this summer and these are few of them. Get creative, get fashionable!