When Style Meets Comfort - Loungewear

Pandemic has made us almost give up our body conning chic dresses. And the new buzz in the town is loungewear. Our generation is obsessed with the huge catalogue of pyjama set. Yes we are obsessed with indoor comfort and we are desperately want to carry the same outdoors. But how? How to wear loungewear sets outside?

For the days when we are too tired to glam up and slay, here is something we can do with the comfiest loungewear sets.


Places Where You Can Style A Loungewear 

What other than home? Surprised? Don't be. There are places other than home where you can adorn your pyjama/short sets and slay your looks like a diva. Be it airport looks, late-night movies attire, a trip to a shopping mall, walk in the evenings, etc, you can easily style loungewear.

Yes, you are now going to break the classic stereotypes “pyjama and shorts are indoor wear”. Coz here are the myriad of ways in which you can style loungewear. Except for the date night :P

Here is how your can style your loungewear? 

Even if it isn't for a co-ord, you can still mix and match them - voila you have two outfits. Adorn printed cotton pyjamas with black camisoles or wear the printed cotton top with jeans/trousers, accessorize your overall casual look with simple hoops, bracelets or rich sneakers - huff there is a lot.

It's time to ditch the uncomfortable clothing and score with comfortable wear.

Pair And Wear

Unlike the celebs, you are your personal stylist. But that doesn't mean you cannot slay your looks just like them. Go on a pair and wear campaign. As the COVID barricades are easing you might wanna step out of the house. For an instant change in your look try to mix and match your loungewear with the outdoor pants/tops your already own.

Replace Cut-Offs With Comfy Shots 

Avail your favourites from a wide range of short sets for women. Stylish and comfortable to the extent that you will not feel like taking them off. Although, you can replace your classic denim shorts with cotton-based printed loungewear shorts. These cotton shorts are easy on the skin and you can wear them for long trips or daily naps. Your wish.

Go With Dark Colours 

Dark colours are originally elegant. It is easier to pair dark colour cotton clothing with silver, golden or colourful jewellery and a pair of complementary shoes. Dark colours make it easier to elevate the looks and your bold contemporary personality.

Style Tops With Long Skirts 

Dignifying ethnic beauty, you can go with cotton printed tops and black long skirts. The black skirt is the most common clothing that is found in every girl’s wardrobe. Stack it up with a cotton loungewear top, having lovely colours and beautiful prints. Keep your eyes on traditional Rajasthani block prints.

Garnish Your Looks With Accessories 

Style it and own it like a Diva. It is mandatory to have a box of must-have casual accessories that makes your looks complete. Sometimes you can make a transition from a bed worm to an energetic bubbly outsider in minutes with the right piece of jewellery.


Anything is possible in the science of fashion. You can perfectly fashion a pyjama set or shorts set even outside your homes. The game is to keep your romance alive with comfortable cotton clothing.