Alternative to uncomfortable denims!


In the history of clothing, every woman has owned a pair of denims that doesn't fit well. They poke, irritate, slip, or crinkle in the most inconvenient places.

And if it's a skinny pair, what you're really on, is the highway to hell.

Skinny jeans are made out of hard fabric and stick to the skin like sucking comfort out of one's body could be a genuine profession. The only good part about wearing denims for an entire day is taking it off the minute you lock your door (and can't deny the cute butt that comes with a heaving price)!


So, today morning when I sipped on coffee in my faded pyjamas, I thought to myself how could I feel this comfortable without looking like a drug addict? And soon enough, I began rummaging.

And ended up putting together a list of alternatives to unforgiving denims.


  • Cotton/Linen Trousers:  As with the current trend, we've seen a lot of fashion experts pairing trousers with fancy blouses to work and even to parties! And the wide color range is another reason you need to pay better attention to cotton trousers. Rock one of the flared trousers with a cute tee or a chic one shouldered blouse and you've got two very different yet stunning looks in less than a minute.

  • Sweatpants: They're hip, comfortable, very Y2K and are pretty affordable, if you have a good eye. They look great with both tanks and hoodies which makes it an all-rounder and worth the buy even if it's at a tad high price.

  • Slit Trousers: If you want to dazzle in front of the mirror, slit trousers are what you should be adding to your carts the very moment you finish reading this blog. A turtle neck top would give a suave yet bold look and add a chain to your neck, if you wish to take it up a notch!

  • Paperbag Trousers: I don't find any reason to ignore paperbag styled trousers in the recent and distant future because not only are they cute, they're also very very comfortable and represent high fashion. They again come in a plethora of colours and I assure are a good investment for the days you don't feel like investing a lot of time on styling.


  • Dramatic Wide-Legged Pants: There's a certain bipolarity in flared trousers because they are of course very comfortable but on the contrary, they look very intimidating. And I believe this because I have had days when putting on a wide pair of pants boosted my confidence just the way flipping my hair on a good hair day does!


Of course, there are so many more options which we hardly explore and stick to the basic jean like a basic Jane. But knowing I needn't put my comfort at stake to look fetch has really helped me feel more confident than I'd have ever, in my college days. But it's never too late, and now, neither will it be for you! :)


Happy Shopping!