Colour Psychology: Create a wardrobe that is authentically yours!

Do you prefer a certain color for your clothes? I prefer dressing in orange and its hues. I almost never leave the home without wearing something orange, whether it be a dress, purse, flats, or both. I dress in orange because I always gain more confidence when I do.

Color psychology claims that specific colors may truly improve your mood.

Color psychology does not have a one-size-fits-all strategy. Colors influence people uniquely relying on their personal experiences and perspectives.

According to RS, many studies have proven a 'red effect,' in which athletes who wear red appear to have a mild advantage over other colors.   Using this color psychology theory, wearing a color like red may give you a pat on the shoulder when you need an additional 30ml of confidence,- it could be on the day of an interview or on the 3rd date!



On the other hand, if someone had a pleasant encounter with someone with blue dye, they may have an attraction towards the color blue and valuable sentiments linked with it.

According to Hettema, connections may be formed between particular hues based on our personal experiences if a person has had a powerful or recurring encounter with it. "For example, frequent hospitalizations in which the medical staff all wear the same hue of blue may result in unpleasant sentiments such as fear or worry." (Source)



Do you want to indulge in color psychology too?

  • Take notice of which colors capture your eye and what sensations they evoke as you go about your day, whether it's a canvas or an ice cream parlor. 
  • Visit an art gallery, study paintings, and soak yourself in colors.
  • Try on a range of clothing in different hues, even those you would not ordinarily choose.

Once you're informed of your personal color bias, consider what you'll 'require' for the day when you open your eyes at 6 am: strength, serenity, compassion, or drive. Then, curate an ensemble based on the colors that symbolize those emotions.


"Creating a personal color guide for yourself is a task that may help you construct a color-centric collection that supports and encourages you when you get dressed," Chambers advises.