Monsoon Skincare Guide!

Monsoon has arrived just on time, and while it is a great pleasure to enjoy the drizzles with your warm cup of tea and fritters, this season is not kind to your skin. Increased humidity can cause oily skin, which can be a breeding ground for acne, greasy skin, and blackheads.

The presence of humidity might be a nightmare if you already possess oily skin. Your face has sebaceous glands that are in charge of producing oil, or sebum. A blotting paper should always be kept on hand to remove any excess grease.

The challenge here is to manage your skin type's shifting needs, which might range from being exceedingly dry to being extremely oily. Here, if you follow a monsoon skincare regimen properly, you can obtain perfect skin. Always keep in mind that regularity counts.

  • Your skin care routine should include skin toners, but it is especially important during the monsoon season. Facial toners help to regulate the health of the skin by reducing open skin pores, regulating the pH level of the face, enhancing skin suppleness, and improving skin tone. Select a skin toner that is chemical-free and made with natural ingredients. One may vouch for the advantages of cucumber skin toners.


  • Exfoliation is necessary no matter what. Dead skin cells are exfoliated, exposing the gorgeous skin underneath. Naturally, this does not imply that you go haywire with it. Exfoliating shouldn't be done more than twice each week.


  • No matter the season or your skin type, wearing sunscreen is a necessity. Even on gloomy days, the sun's UVA radiation can harm skin and hasten the development of spots and pigmentation. Change to a gel-based sunscreen if your regular product seems heavy and greasy. You may even forego moisturiser if your skin is extremely greasy.


  • Retinol increases collagen synthesis and tightens pores, which eventually lowers the likelihood of acne, pore congestion, inflammation, and infection.


  • It's not necessary to feel like you just scrubbed your skin with dish soap to be squeaky clean. Your regimen starts with a face wash. Therefore, make sure it is light. No matter what type of skin you have, choose a gentle face wash to maintain your skin free of debris without removing its natural oils.


  • Particularly the monsoon season and summer can be rough on the skin. So choose a clay face mask treatment twice a week to show your skin some extra tender loving care. Clay masks are excellent at removing excess oil, filth, and pollution from your face while promoting healthy skin.


  • Due to the humidity, wearing heavy makeup during the rainy season doesn't go well together. Rain, sweat, and humidity can all combine to cause undesirable skin conditions. A greasy appearance is caused by clogged pores, increased sebum production, and excessive use of cosmetic products and layering. Do not use cream-based products.


The aforementioned skin care advice can help you shield your skin from the humidity and wetness that rain tries to cause for your skin. Even during the monsoon, keep your skincare routine on point for a naturally glowing complexion.