Sustainable is the new sexy.

All of us have read about the 3Rs: reuse, reduce, and recycle. And over time, we've come to appreciate the significance of this statement. We can fundamentally reduce the amount of trash produced that contributes to  pollution as well as global warming by reusing, reducing, and recycling.

The fashion business has a reputation for producing tonnes of debris. One of the main producers of greenhouse gases in relation to its production is the textile sector.

We constantly have a large amount of unsold clothing due to the growing urge to update our wardrobe with the newest trends. Additionally, businesses make a tonne of clothing, the majority of which is never sold. In reality, a mass of biomass is burned along with these garments. They can take years to degrade, which pollutes our environment.

The practice of giving away used articles of clothing has a long history in India. Therefore, it is not an Eureka moment for a typical Indian home to wear hand-me-down clothes until they are sufficiently worn enough to be used again as dusters!

  • The need for clothing and other supplies is rising among a plethora of orphanages and NGOs. If there are used goods in your wardrobe that are sitting around unused, they would be grateful to have received them.

  • With so many young people utilising their social media accounts to sell clothing that is both in good condition and unworn, the thrift store market is expanding. You can actively approach any of them and offer your clothing for sale in exchange for money.

  • Give it a try if you are on Instagram frequently and are able to sell your used clothing there. You contribute to the recycling of garments while also making a small profit on each transaction.

  • Cotton and other natural fibre clothing can be composted after being properly torn apart and freed of plastic zippers, buttons, and other fasteners.

  • As the idea of recycling textiles becomes more widely accepted, there are several facilities in every community that collect worn-out, torn clothing and assist you in having them recycled. You only need to make an effort to find these locations so you can drop off all you have in your bag. 
  • To hold your hair in place, put together a new hair tie out of leftover fabric; use several fabrics and colours to make it stand out. (If you get good at it, you could sell those too!)


We are moving closer to developing a society that is conscious of environmental changes and therefore should be inspired to depart from the mainstream and adopt sustainable living principles. Let's work together to improve the world, and the process begins with you.